Are you REALLY transparent and frictionless?

Really think you’re a “transparent” dealership? Really think you’re creating experiences that are new, innovative, and frictionless for your customers than their previous experiences with you? We’ve all heard and read lately about so many dealers that are supposedly transparent, consumer focused, and frictionless. Yes … [Read More]

Big Honda Dealership Gets Bigger

Disclosure: the Honda Dealership in this case study – Rick Case Honda, Davie, FL is our client. Over the last couple of years we’ve had the opportunity to see strong leadership, sales planning, and technology implemented effectively at their dealership. We felt a little bit … [Read More]

Call Bullshit. Ask for “Today Marketing”

“Believe us we’re the biggest.” “Believe us we’re the least expensive.” “Believe us we’ve been around the longest.” “Believe us because we spend the most with our publishers.” “Believe us because more dealers use us than any of our competitors.” “Believe us because we have … [Read More]

98 PERCENT REJECTION RATE!! That’s Terrible!!

  98% of the people who encounter your dealership online choose not to submit a lead to you. That’s not an average conversion rate, that’s a catastrophic rejection rate! WAKE UP and recognize that that’s an entirely unacceptable number for your dealership. You can do … [Read More]

3 New Automotive Dealership Marketing Rules

These are not only 3 new rules, but perhaps the only 3 rules that will have a positive impact on your dealerships’ sales efficiency and profitability in today’s automotive market through the foreseeable future. Before we get to the 3 new rules let’s make sure … [Read More]

A Tale of Ten Leads

This is a short story about 10 leads from online automotive shoppers at a Toyota Dealership near you (wink). It’s a story with real events that have happened over the course of time at multiple dealerships throughout the country but brought together here in this story as … [Read More]