The insanity of Paid Search advertising in Auto Retail

Paid Search does not work in auto retail the way the majority of the market believes that it does. There’s this belief in automotive retail that Paid Search, SEM, PPC, etcetera can increase a dealers’ monthly sales numbers simply because of paid search campaign application … [Read More]

These Two Things Happened This Week in Automotive Retail

Here’s a story about two people who bought vehicles from the same dealership in the same week with different methods. Both of their stories will shed light on both the efficacy of search engine marketing, and the ruse called search engine marketing in automotive retail. … [Read More]

Paid Search Does Not Work In Automotive Retail.

At least not the way you think it does or that you’re being lead by your SEM vendor or E-Commerce director to believe that it does. For the past 4 years we have sold, managed, measured, conducted control group testing on mail, email, and SEM … [Read More]

Call Bullshit. Ask for “Today Marketing”

“Believe us we’re the biggest.” “Believe us we’re the least expensive.” “Believe us we’ve been around the longest.” “Believe us because we spend the most with our publishers.” “Believe us because more dealers use us than any of our competitors.” “Believe us because we have … [Read More]

98 PERCENT REJECTION RATE!! That’s Terrible!!

  98% of the people who encounter your dealership online choose not to submit a lead to you. That’s not an average conversion rate, that’s a catastrophic rejection rate! WAKE UP and recognize that that’s an entirely unacceptable number for your dealership. You can do … [Read More]

A Tale of Ten Leads

This is a short story about 10 leads from online automotive shoppers at a Toyota Dealership near you (wink). It’s a story with real events that have happened over the course of time at multiple dealerships throughout the country but brought together here in this story as … [Read More]

The PPC Killer

“Your fish where the fish are” PPC strategy is getting killed by the PPC Killer. If you’re in retail automotive it’s likely that for sometime now you’ve used a Pay Per Click (PPC) tactic as part of your overall digital marketing strategy. PPC is most … [Read More]