The 1st Rule of a Frictionless Customer Experience #FCX

Last week I hosted a webinar with DealerOn (fantastic dealer website vendor by the way), it was titled 6 Steps to Creating a Frictionless Customer Experience, you can watch it here if you like. It was a high level introduction for automotive dealership personnel to … [Read More]

Paid Search Does Not Work In Automotive Retail.

At least not the way you think it does or that you’re being lead by your SEM vendor or E-Commerce director to believe that it does. For the past 4 years we have sold, managed, measured, conducted control group testing on mail, email, and SEM … [Read More]

Call Bullshit. Ask for “Today Marketing”

“Believe us we’re the biggest.” “Believe us we’re the least expensive.” “Believe us we’ve been around the longest.” “Believe us because we spend the most with our publishers.” “Believe us because more dealers use us than any of our competitors.” “Believe us because we have … [Read More]

3 New Automotive Dealership Marketing Rules

These are not only 3 new rules, but perhaps the only 3 rules that will have a positive impact on your dealerships’ sales efficiency and profitability in today’s automotive market through the foreseeable future. Before we get to the 3 new rules let’s make sure … [Read More]

Auto dealers, has the time come to go dark?

  Note: This post is intended for automotive retail Dealer Principals, General Managers and Dealer Group Marketing Directors. It is a candid, honest observation, an open question of certain automotive marketing tactics today.   As someone who has worked as a marketer in the auto … [Read More]

Watch This!

We’re often asked … “How did you do that! How do you guys drive those results?”  … here’s a short clip from the movie Focus with Will Smith that’ll give you an idea of how we influence. Our dealer clients get 400% ROI on average … [Read More]